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Chiffon & Silk ~ Wearable Art

Original Art inspired by the land, wind & spirit of

Vancouver Island and the Salish Sea

designed into

~ Kimonos, Scarves, Shawls & Peignoirs ~

Original Zentangle Inspired Art

A relaxing method of drawing structured and unstructured patterns, called Tangles, into images.

A blend of Zen & Efflorescence called Zenefflorescence:

Calming, Peaceful, and Meditating action or process of developing and unfolding as if coming into flower.

Original Art - Mixed Media in Ink, Embossing, Acrylic, Wax, & Graphite

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Ms. Canada
Ms. Canada Infinity Scarf
Ms. Canada Chiffon Scarf (Long)
Ms. Canada Chiffon Poncho
Ribbon & Chain - Multi-Color
Silk Scarf - Ribbon & Chain Multi-Color
Ribbon & Chain - Black
Silk Scarf Ribbon & Chain BLK
Ribbon & Chain - White with Shadows 8”x8”
Silk Scarf - Ribbon & Chain White
Satin Kimono - Poinsettia (front)
Chiffon Short Kimono - Poinsettia (front)
Chiffon V-Neck Tunic - Poinsettia (front)
Chiffon Poinsettia (flat)
Soft Knit Cardigan - Poinsettia (front)
Oak Leaf Teal
Oak Leaves Teal Haze Scarf Long
Oak Leaf Purple
Oak Leaves Purple Haze Scarf Long 2
Oak Leaf Neutral
Oak Leaves Neutral Haze Scarf Long
Chiffon V-Neck Tunic - Sunflower (back)
Chiffon Short Kimono - Sunflower (front)
Chiffon Sunflower Draped Kimono (front)
Chiffon Sunflower Scarf
Chiffon V-Neck Tunic - Dahlia (front)
Chiffon Short Kimono - Dahlia (front)
Chiffon Dahlia Shawl (front)
Chiffon Dahlia Scarf
Satin Kimono - Waves (front)
Soft Knit Cardigan - Waves (front)
Chiffon V-Neck Tunic - Waves (front)
Chiffon Short Kimono - Waves (front)
Chiffon Waves Poncho
Chiffon Waves Scarf
Satin Kimono - Poppy (front)
Chiffon V-Neck Tunic - Poppy (front)
Chiffon Short Kimono - Poppy (front)
Chiffon Poppy Shawl
Chiffon Poppy Draped Kimono (front)
Salish Sea Shells
Chiffon V-Neck Tunic - Salish Seashells (front)
Chiffon Short Kimono - Salish Sea Shells (front)
Salish Sea Shells Chiffon Shawl
Chiffon Salish Sea Shells Scarf
Chiffon V-Neck Tunic - Cyclamen (front)
Chiffon Short Kimono - Cyclamen (front)
Cyclamen Chiffon Scarf
Chiffon Cyclamen Shawl
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