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B. L. Woods Designs, AKA - Brenna Woods, is thrilled you stopped to look at her art.

Why is she thrilled?

After a 25 year hiatus Brenna started to draw and paint again; in ink no less.

Brenna's creativity has woken and she is grateful.

Growing up in a creative family, educated in architecture and interior design, Brenna's creativity started at a young age with house drawings and colour theory.  Her appreciation and love for fine art and design; inspired and influenced by artists and designers:  such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Gustav Klimt and the Art Nouveau Movement, Art Deco, Calder, Emily Carr, Escher, Nagel, Peter Max, Perry Ellis and Donna  Karan; progressed through middle and high school and developed even more when she attended college at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY (Hoechst Celanese Designer Award 1991) and the Art Institute of Seattle, Seattle, WA, majoring in design and marketing.

As a young woman, Brenna dreamed of being an art designer of beautiful soft & graceful

moving clothing and she has found a way to make her dream come true...

During the COVID-19 time of solitude Brenna was introduced to a Zentangle class, a new technique of drawing to her, from a friend who wanted to teach via a virtual class. Brenna enjoyed the classes so much she started to see shapes and styles of drawings (called tangles) in nature.

Brenna started to incorporate these tangles into her Zentangle inspired creations she calls Zenefflorescence; Zen - calming, peaceful, and meditating + Efflorescence - the action or process of developing and unfolding as if coming into flower.  Creating the essence of graceful movement.

This style of drawing and painting has given Brenna the PMR (Pain Management Relief) she needs to cope with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease); a genetic disorder

that causes many kidney stones and fluid-filled cysts to grow on kidneys.

Brenna is grateful you stopped by and hopes you enjoy her woken creativity.

Feel free to contact her for any questions or requests on her Contact page.

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