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Keep Your Neck Warm with a 100% Silk Scarf

B. L. Woods Designs 100% Silk Scarf can keep your neck stylish & warm during the next six weeks of Winter. The benefits of wearing a 100% Silk Scarf has luxurious and temperature control benefits that will keep you cozy and fashionable.

The Benefits of Silk:

  • Silk is a GREAT Insulator! Moderately breathable for heat to escape it will make you feel warm during the colder weather...A natural thermostat embedded in this luxurious fabric making it the BEST All-Season textile.

  • Silk is Hypoallergenic! No irritants while wearing this luxurious fabric...Silk contains vital amino acids which help to revitalize your hair and skin which means NO Dry Skin!

  • Silk is Fashionable and Luxurious! Visually and tactile, Silk Shine catches the eye with a twinkle and emanates it's softness.

Two Sizes: Short - 10"x 45" $55.00 or Long - 16"x 72" $75.00 (Canadian Prices)...


Ships 7-14 Days Domestic & International. Printed & Hand Sewn in Canada.

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