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B L. Woods Designs - Wearable Art 100% Silk Scarves

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

These100% pure silk Habotai scarves capture the true colors and concepts portrayed in my artwork and the feel of the silk is on par with luxury brands.

Made from silk Habotai, the scarf is finished with a machine rolled baby hem for long lasting durability and an air of delicacy. The reactive inks mean your scarf colors will always remain as vibrant as the day you buy it. Artwork printed scarves translate my artwork into a wearable format for your wearing and viewing pleasure. Choose from Six B L. Woods Designs (Flowers & Shell, Black & Brown, & Swirls - pictured)

Two lengths - Short 10"x46" (wear as the Simple Neck Knot or Single Side Bow style) and Long 16"x72" (wear as the Classic Loop or Shawl style).

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