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"Anna's Sunflower" - Ukraine Support

Inspired by the situation in Ukraine and my Great Baba/Grandmother, Anna Kosmolak, I created this sunflower to represent the colours of the Ukrainian Flag (blue & yellow), the country's national flower, Ukrainian cross-stitch (Anna mastered cross-stitch) and an homage to my ancestry. Helping the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

"Anna's Sunflower" - B L. Woods Designs Artist Cards: Printed on fine art card stock; radiant and saturated digital print, with non-gloss matt finish. Packaged in protective clear seal bags.

  • One Size: 5"x 5"

  • Vertical (fold on the left)

  • Envelopes included

"Anna's Sunflower - B. L. Woods Designs 100% Silk Scarves (Square & Long): 100% Silk Habotai

  • 100% Silk Scarf Square 26"x26" - 16 (6.5") Flowers

  • 100% Silk Scarf Long 16"x72" - 5 (10") Flowers

  • 100% Silk Scarf Long 16"x72" - 33 (5.5") Flowers

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